I specialise in a bespoke stationery design and have created stationery for lots of clients based on their own ideas and themes.

To keep it simple, I’ve created a single bespoke stationery design package*.

Bespoke Design Fee - £250

 The following artwork is included in this package;

Main Invitation Design

Includes a Day Invitation and an Evening Invitation.

Additional Information Card or Booklet

The artwork will include personalised map/direction illustrations.
Includes 2 different versions to go with your day and evening invitations.

RSVP Cards or Postcards

Includes 2 different versions to go with your day and evening invitations.

Stationery Luggage Tag

Used to finish off your Wedding Stationery when tied together.

Thank you Cards or Postcards

Used after your wedding to thank your wedding guests for their well-wishes and gifts.

 *Extra items can be added to this package for an additional fee. Please get in touch with your requirements.


The Design Process

Stage 1
First there is an initial consultation – I need to know about your wedding theme & colours, things you have planned and ideas you have thought about for your wedding stationery. I usually ask for this information to be sent by email along with any pictures or imagery that you have found, this ensures I don’t misunderstand anything!
I then use this information to research your ideas and create a mood board with different design ideas and imagery.

Stage 2
I then ask my clients to look through this mood board and tell me what; they like, don’t like, things they’d like to include etc.
Once I’ve been sent this information, I will send a written brief, noting important details, colours and design direction for your bespoke stationery.
I will also email over an invoice for the 50% deposit.

Stage 3
Once the deposit has been paid, I will start work on the Main Day Invitation and email you a draft and wait for feedback.
Along with the feedback from the first draft, I also request all of your wedding wording and specifics.

Stage 4
You will receive a second draft of your Main Day Invitation based on your feedback. I will also send a first draft of the other items in your bespoke stationery package.

Stage 5
Once you are happy with the designs in the package, I will send through a final invoice for the remaining balance on your bespoke stationery order. Your artworks will be emailed through to you once the payment has cleared.

Stage 6
It is at this point you can either arrange printing yourself or I can arrange printing for you.
Please get in touch should you require a print quotation.


Visit the Bespoke Stationery Gallery here.